Weepie by Chris Goode

WEEPIE is a startlingly theatrical blend of the savage and the sublime.

Inspired by an actual murder, WEEPIE is a radical analysis of masculinity and male violence. It insists that murderers are often scapegoats for what is wrong with our culture as a whole. While this might sound unbearably gloomy, the play is not. Much of it is hilarious. With impressive originality, WEEPIE combines scenes of the young men training to kill with those of a medieval French mystic being interviewed on a television chat show.

Following a successful run at The Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, Cross Cut’s production of Weepie won Best Production at the international Absolut Gay Theatre Festival in 2010 in Dublin.


Mark Brewer


Jonny Collis



Donald Pulford


Anthony Januszewski, Lauren Jackson

Lighting and Sound